About Us

About Us

About US

BNext international is a 100% export oriented company for the garment sector based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

BNext international is a 100% export-oriented company for the garment sector based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


BNext international has an EU citizen as a sales manager, who, having many years of experience in several businesses understand the importance of quality and timely delivery.


We at BNext international offer a complete set of competencies that are needed for timely quality trades that allow our clients to do carefree business in Bangladesh.


As a young company BNext international has chosen to make things easier and very competitive for buyers from around the world by creating a central selling point for several factories in Bangladesh by representing their products.


BNext international helps with the purchasing of goods in Bangladesh. Serving retailers, wholesalers, and agents by sourcing overstock products are one of the business activities of BNext international. Through our extensive local network, we are being offered a great number of overstock products that we can get our hands on for you.


BNext international will always pro-actively find the best products for your company.


We have a lot of very good garment and textile factories in Bangladesh that complies with EU rules regarding personnel, safety, protection, and the environment.


Being available every hour of the day, BNext international will always find the right answers to your questions in no time.


Quality services:

Our team provides quality control services, where we execute thorough inspections in good consultation with our clients. Our quality control services also include a factory audit where we will execute a business license audit as well as an on-site factory audit.


Pre-production Inspection:

A Pre-production inspection is an inspection that is carried out prior to the production process. A pre-production inspection checks whether everything is clear to the customer and supplier.


During-production Inspection

A During-production Inspection (DUPRO) is the earliest possible inspection within the production process. This takes place when 20% to 80% of the production is finished and packed.


Check if all required specifications are implemented in mass production.


Final Random Inspection

During a Final Random Inspection (FRI), we check whether all products meet the customer’s requirements in terms of product specifications.


Carried out when the whole shipment quantity is finished.
At least 80% of items need to be export-packed.
Prevent the factory from hiding defective goods.


Container Loading Inspection

The Container Loading Inspection (CLI) is carried out during the loading of the goods into the container.


Carried out during the loading of the goods.
Work with a clear container loading plan.
Ensure that the factory workers load with care.


We strive to be a reliable and competitive partner, working to contribute to our customer’s expansion and development.



Transportation: Air cargo and Sea freight

By air  3-5 days, this is only the transport time to the destination city.

Prices depend on the total weight of the products.

For 5-10kg, the price is € 12 per kg

For 10-20kg, the price is € 10 per kg

For 20-50kg, the price is € 7 per kg

For 50-100kg, the price is € 6 per kg

For 100-500kg, the price is € 5 per kg

For 500-1000kg, the price is € 4 per kg

Above 1000kg, the price is € 3.25 per kg

By Sea  24-27 days to the main destination Harbor

For 20ft container, the price is €

For 40ft container, the price is €

For 40ft HC container, the price is €

All prices are subject to changes in the international market.


Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions:

Before proceeding with your order, we will need confirmation that you agree to the terms and conditions of sale. By entering into a business agreement with BNext international you agree to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of sale. From here on ‘you’ refers to the customer and ‘us’ / ‘we’ / ‘our’ refers to BNext international.

  1. a) “The Seller” means BNext international and all subsidiary or associated companies
  2. b) “The Buyer” shall mean the individual or company in whose name the order is placed in.
  3. c) “The Goods” shall mean the products ordered by the buyer
  4. We accept payment by:

– Bank transfer (T / T)

– L / C on sight, irrevocable L / C


1.1 Quotes are valid for the goods specified in the offer invoice and valid for21 calendar days from the date of the quote. Alterations may incur a cost rise which will be reflected in a new quote. Please bear in mind that all quotes made are made subject to the terms and conditions of sale.

1.2 Prices stated on our website or in any brochures and catalogs are approximate. A full quote will be made for any order. The price payable for the goods ordered and their delivery is as set out in the invoice