Sizes: Men(in CM)


S – L70 x W55

M – L72 x W58

L – L74 x W61

XL – L76 x W64

2XL – L78 x W67

3XL – L80 x W70

4XL – L82 x W75

5XL – L84 x W78


XS = 68 x 51

S = 70 x 53

M = 71 x 56

L = 72 x 58

XL = 74 x 62

2XL = 77 x 66

3XL = 79 x 70

Polo: short sleeve

S – L70 x W50

M – L72 x W53

L – L74 x W56

XL – L76 x W58

2XL – L79 x W62

3XL – L82 x W66

4XL – L85 x W71

5XL – L88 x W75


S = 70 x 50
M = 73 x 53
L = 75 x 57
XL = 78 x 60
2XL = 80 x 64

3XL = 83 x 67

Polo: long Sleeve

S – L70  x W50

M – L73 x W53

L – L76 x W58

XL – L80 x W60

2XL – L83 x W64

3XL – L86 x W67

4XL – L89 x W71

5XL – L92 x W74

T-Shirt: short sleeve

S – L69  x W48

M – L72 x W53

L – L74 x W56

XL – L77 x W59

2XL – L79 x W62

3XL – L81 x W67

4XL – L83 x W71

5XL – L85 x W76

S = 70 x 48

M = 72 x 51

L = 74 x 54

XL = 76 x 57

2XL = 78 x 60

3XL = 80 x 63

T-shirt: long Sleeve

S – L71  x W46

M – L73 x W51

L – L76 x W55

XL – L78 x W60

2XL – L81 x W66

3XL – L84 x W71

4XL – L86 x W76

5XL – L89 x W81

Sizes: Ladies(in CM)


XS – L64 x W46

S – L66 x W49

M – L68 x W52

L – L70 x W55

XL – L72 x W60

2XL – L74 x W63

3XL – L76 x W66

4XL – L78 x W69

5XL – L80 x W72

Polo: short sleeve

S – L63 x W45

M – L65 x W47

L – L67 x W50

XL – L69 x W54

2XL – L71 x W57

3XL – L73 x W61

4XL – L75 x W64

5XL – L77 x W67

Polo: long sleeve

S – L63  x W46

M – L65 x W48

L – L67 x W51

XL – L69 x W55

2XL – L72 x W58

3XL – L74 x W62

4XL – L76 x W65

5XL – L78 x W68

T-Shirt: short sleeve

XS – L60 x W42

S – L62 x W43

M – L64 x W46

L – L66 x W49

XL – L68 x W52

2XL – L71 x W55

3XL – L73 x W58

4XL – L76 x W62

5XL – L78 x W66

T-shirt: long sleeve

XS – L61 x W42

S – L63 x W43

M – L64 x W46

L – L66 x W49

XL – L68 x W52

2XL – L71 x W56

3XL – L73 x W59

4XL – L76 x W63

5XL – L78 x W66

Any other size as per the buyer‘s instructions

For children as per the buyer’s measurements

Transportation: Air cargo and Sea freight

By air 3-5 days, this is only the transport time to the destination city.

Prices depends on the total weight of the products.

For 5-10kg, the price is € 12 per kg

For 10-20kg, the price is € 10 per kg

For 20-50kg, the price is € 7 per kg

For 50-100kg, the price is € 6 per kg

For 100-500kg, the price is € 5 per kg

For 500-1000kg, the price is € 4 per kg

Above 1000kg, the price is € 3,25 per kg

By Sea 24-27 days to the main destination Harbor

For 20ft container, the price is €

For 40ft container, the price is €

For 40ft HC container , the price is €

All prices are subject to the changes in the international market

Term and conditions:

Before proceeding with your order, we will need confirmation that you agree to the terms and conditions of sale. By entering into a business agreement with BNext international you agree to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of sale. From here on ‘you’ refers to the customer and ‘us’/’we’/’our’ refers to BNext international.

  1. a) “The Seller” means BNext international and all subsidiary or associated companies
  2. b) “The Buyer” shall mean the individual or company in whose name the order is placed in.
  3. c) “The Goods” shall mean the products ordered by the buyer
  4. We accept payment by:

– Bank transfer (T/T)

– L/C on sight, irrevocable L/C


1.1 Quotes are valid for the goods specified in the offer invoice and valid for21 calendar days from the date of the quote. Alterations may incur a cost rise which will be reflected in a new quote. Please bear in mind that all quotes made are made subject to the terms and conditions of sale.

1.2 Prices stated on our website or in any brochures and catalogs are approximate. A full quote will be made for any order. The price payable for the goods ordered and their delivery is as set out in the invoice